Reflections of a reality

Art has always been an activity that enables artists and spectators to experience different emotions, evoke past times and appreciate the aesthetic, formal and conceptual qualities that a piece can provide. This is what happens with the works included in "Transparent", an exhibition by the artists Lidzie Alvisa and Donis Llago. This body of work is based on an existential reflection on the contemporary being and the relationships with his time.


Both creators have—in both the Cuban art scene and in an international context—formed a trajectory highlighted by the solidity of their proposals, which can be shown through the paintings of Llago and the installations of Alvisa. They are two universes that united create a visual symbiosis in which transparency becomes the thread that guides us through the rooms of the gallery. It is then that we see how their own consciousness is represented and shared with the viewer.


In his paintings, Donis Llago shows different buildings that have a very intimate relationship with politics in different nations such as the Plaza de la Revolución and the Kremlin, among others. All conceived under his modus operandi, where the public can see the excellent use of monochrome and transparencies that gives his paintings certain mysticism, stillness and at the same time, they become an artificial and questioning scenario.


On the other hand, Lidzie Alvisa plays with the perception of the viewer and places mirrors in the exhibition space where we can appreciate, recognize, and participate in the show. The mirror also reflects several works in one, an element that makes it possible to experience multiple readings of the piece at once. In each mirror she has placed a text made with pins, a material that has accompanied her during her career as an artist, and that reinforces the meaning of the installation. Nostalgia, memory, and idealized memories are some points to consider when we reflect on the work of Alvisa.


These artists come together—from the rigidity of the architecture represented by Donis and the fragility expressed in Lidzie's works—to make us examine aspects of everyday life, a political context that is constantly changing, and the lack of transparency that characterizes current times.

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